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Saraya Mechanical contracting division is mainly aimed into steel structures like.

1) Water pipe lines
2) Bridges
3) Ports & Harbors
4) Building Steel Frames

Water is both essential for life and a limited resource that we must use effectively, without pollution or waste. JFE develops and installs a wide variety of systems for waterworks, water purification plants and sludge treatment plants. Our goals are to provide superb plant construction, operation and after-sales servicing for the protection of the aquatic environment, to create a natural cycle of clear, safe, and delicious drinking water, and to effectively utilize limited resources.
  Water pipeline and aqueduct
We are in tie-up with JFE Japan, who have a strong world wide track record in bridges and steel frame construction projects. The JFE Steel Structure Engineering Division dates back to the launch of a bridge construction project in 1922. Today we offer a variety of steel structures, including mainline bridges, hybrid caissons and steel frames for buildings.
Shimanami Kaido bridges  
The division is counted among the top five steel bridge builders in Japan with such major projects as the Yokohama Bay Bridge and the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line to its credit. The completion of the Shimanami Kaido bridges to link mainland Honshu with Shikoku island marked the end of large projects in Japan for the time being, but demand continues to be high from the expressway network (the building of the No. 2 Tomei Expressway), the railway sector and the urban transportation network. Our priority is on developing new technologies that build on the proven products of the past, by improving convenience and functionality for the customer. Among our focuses are salt damage, easier repainting and maintenance, steel bridges better able to compete with concrete bridges and hybrid structures.
  Minami Honmoku hybrid caisson
JFE developed the hybrid caissons (compounds of steel and concrete) that are found on many levees, breakwaters and embankments where they protect ports and fisheries. Our caissons are highly regarded for their economy and ease of installation. Steel frames produced by JFE are found in a number of prestigious high-rise buildings and factories, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices and the Landmark Tower in Yokohama. Prices continue to decline for construction steel, but JFE enjoys a strong reputation for excellent technology and fine-tuned production, and will continue to see demand from the rebuilding and redevelopment markets.
Building steel frames  
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