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Saraya contractors is in tie up with JFE Japan and our services are in the following areas Photo Gallery


1) Water purification plants
2) Sewage treatment plants
3) River purification systems
4) Livestock waste treatment

JFE enjoys a strong track record in delivering water piping systems, water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, and sludge recycling and effluent treatment facilities. Drawing on past achievements, we will develop a variety of innovative systems to provide safe, treat sewage, rainwater and sludge, purify and clean rivers and lakes, and effectively use the waste heat and materials generated from sewage and sludge treatment.
  Automatic injection system for dry powder activated carbon
JFE water engineering technologies cover the entire spectrum from anti-seismic measures for lifeline facilities (pipes and tanks) to microorganism-based water purification and fermentation technologies, advanced membrane separation technologies, sewage sludge recycling technologies, and technologies to utilize the waste heat generated by sewage and sludge treatment. We continue to emphasize research and development for the conservation and restoration of the water environment, because water is an essential asset to be passed down to future generations.
Submersible propeller-type oxidation ditch system  
Water-related conservation needs continue to grow, as can be seen from the demand for rainwater systems in urban areas and livestock waste treatment systems in rural communities. These developments expand the business opportunities for the Water and Waste Water Engineering Division and give us new ways in which to serve our customers and communities.
  Methane recovery and power generation RINESSA system

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