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We market USA manufactured, hig quality X-Ray products. Some of them are


DBeautiful Italian nylon frames with a curved lense in a lightweight 65 gram protective eyeglass. Glasses can be ordered with plain glass, single RX, or bifocal.
Specs: .35mm Pb lead in frame .75mm Pb front lense

Slipovers Eyewear

The industry standard, our Slipovers fit over your prescription eyewear. Weighing only 92 grams this style provides all around .75mm Pb equiv protection

The NEW inSight Illuminator
State Of The Art Illuminating Technology Applied To Medical X-ray Viewing

The new inSight Illuminator, utilizes LCD TV technology to bring you an x-ray viewbox with a uniquely even light surface in a super-thin cabinet. Projecting two inches from the wall, it is so thin that we do not offer it in a recessed version.
Available as a single unit, two in one and four in one each panel accommodates up to one 14 x 17" x-ray. A rocker switch on the right side of the unit turns the viewing surface on and off, and a auto switch is incorporated in the film grip that automatically turns the unit on when a film is inserted.
The inSight comes with a one year warranty for defects in parts or manufacturing, and like all our products is backed by our 75 years of service to the medical imaging community.

Single   27001

2 in one   27002

4 in one   27004


The Liberator Viewbox

This new product is the perfect viewbox for Hospital use.
The Liberator has patented features no other viewbox can offer!


  • The film grip is attached to the plexiglass-not the body of the unit.
  • Grip/Plexiglass assembly held in place by magnets
  • Unique grip/plexiglass uni-body assembly
  • Easy access to inside viewbox
  • Available in 4 bulb and 6 bulb hi/low


  • Perfect grip tension is factory pre-set and cannot be disturbed during install
  • Quick and easy access for cleaning, bulb replacement, or auto switch adjustment
  • Reduces install time/labor
  • Easy to replace damaged units-professional dealer service rep not required!
  • Easy to adjust auto switch
  • Bright, clean illumination
  • For the user it's the friendliest viewbox on the market
  • For the dealer it's the easiest to sell, install and service!

The Trimline Plus Hi-Lo Illuminator

The Trimline Plus Hi Lo provides two light intensities per each 14” x 17” viewing area. Adjustable Candela per square meter at the push of a button. 6 bulbs.
The Trimline Plus Hi Lo is available in any one of 12 sizes (shown here is a 2 in 1 unit with the left hand unit switched to “Hi” to illustrate the difference between Hi and Lo).
The Trimline Plus Hi Lo features a sleek 3-1/4” deep cabinet with a baked on white polyurethane finish, a roller grip film retainer, film activated auto switches (the illuminator goes on automatically when film is inserted) and cluster switches, on 2 over 2 units and up.

The Trimline Plus Illuminator

The Trimline Plus offers four lamps per each 14” x 17” viewing area. The Trimline Plus is available in 12 popular sizes (shown at left is a 4 over 4 unit), or may be custom built to your specifications. Multi tier units are specially designed with only 1-1/2” of “dead space” between the top and bottom viewing panels. The Trimline Plus comes standard with a baked on white polyurethane finish, film activated auto switches, a roller grip film retainer, cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up.

Trimline III Illuminator

Should your needs require, Wolf offers the Trimline in a three bulb version. The Trimline III has all the standard Trimline family features: viewing areas from 14” x 17” up to two banks of 84” x 34”, film activated auto switches. A roller grip film retainer all on a sleek cabinet finished in white baked on polyurethane. Options include a Mobile Stand and custom installations and a frame for recessed mounting. As with all the Trimlines, the Trimline III can be combined with any other Trimline style to create a viewing environment uniquely suited to your viewing needs.

The Trimline Basic Illuminator

The Trimline Basic illuminator is the “meat and potatoes” version of our Trimline Series. You don’t get an automatic film activator or cluster switches. What you do get is our quality and dependability. The Trimline Basic is a 2 bulb illuminator (1,713 Candela per square meter) that is available in 12 sizes (shown is 1 over 1). In all multiple sizes each 14” x 17” viewing area has an individual switch (cluster switches are available as an option). Best of all the Trimline Basic can be combined with our Trimline, Trimline Plus and Trimline Plus Hi Lo illuminators to give you the most versatile (and economic) viewing environment available.

The Trimline Illuminator

The Trimline has 2 lamps (1,713 Candela per square meter) per each 14” x 17” viewing area. The Trimline is available in any one of 12 sizes with viewing areas from 14” x 17” up to 84” x 34” (shown at left is a 4 in 1 which gives you a viewing area of 56” x 17”). The Trimline comes standard with a baked on white polyurethane finish, film activated auto switches, a roller grip film retainer, cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up, and a hospital grade plug.

Trimline Desk Stand

Trimline Desk Stand

If you're using your Trimline on a desk, consider our desk stand, item 21507. It provides great stability and prevents any rocking during film loading. Our Trimline Desk Stand attaches in seconds - all you need is a screwdriver.

The OR Plus Illuminator

The OR Plus is only 3-1/4" thick, making it ideal for wall hanging. It is easy to mount on the wall via our E-"Z" Bar and plug into any standard 110V receptacle.

Multi tier units are specially designed with only 1 1/2" of "dead space" between the top and bottom viewing panels.
The OR Plus comes with Stainless Steel (as shown) finish. Standard features include film activated auto switches, a roller film retainer, cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up.
Options include an outer frame for recessed installation (as shown), and a mobile stand.
Additionally custom units can be constructed featuring angled bottom units (to accommodate a counter top) and corner units that can feature an illuminator and bright spot combination.

The MG-7 Illuminator

Our workhorse, the MG-7 is designed to give the private practitioner decades of reliable use. Easily wall surface mounted, the MG-7’s five inch depth also makes it ideal for desk top use. Available as a single unit with a 14” x 17” viewing area or up to 4 in 1 (56” x 17” viewing area), the MG-7 features two 15 watt fluorescent lamps ( Candela per square meter) a white baked enamel finish, magic grip and a 6’ line cord with 3 prong plug.

The Econoline Illuminator

The Econoline is the most economical illuminator. Available in 4 sizes, the Econoline is designed as a wall hung unit (recess mounting kit also available). The Econoline features two bulb illuminators (15 watts each - Candela per square meter) a 3” deep cabinet with a baked on white enamel finish, a magic grip film retainer and a 6’ line cord with 3 prong plug.


The Mammoline Mammography Illuminator

Mobile Stand Optional

The new Mammoline combines superior lighting technology with ACR mandated masking shutters for optimum film viewing.
At top intensity the Mammoline produces over 6,800 Candela per square meter of illumination! You can also adjust the light output down to 3,400 Candela via a built in dimmer (the ACR recommends a minimum of 3,400 Candela per square meter per viewing area).
This unique reflector design disperses light evenly to eliminate “hot spots” found on other viewers. The ballasts are state of the art energy efficient solid state units for flicker free instant on lighting. In addition, the Mammoline has a unique venting design that dissipates heat build-up.
The Mammoline’s shutters are completely light proof and glide easily on two separate horizontal and vertical tracks. Film grips are gravity roller type for easy film mounting. The Mammoline is easily wall mounted by means of our unique E-”Z” Bar mounting system. An optional mobile stand is also available.
The Mammoline is 48” long, 36” high, and 5” deep. The finish is baked on urethane-polyester powder coating. For more information, contact us

Trimline Spinal 36

The Trimline Spinal 36 features a full 14” x 36” plexiglass viewing area, 3 bulbs (30 watts each) illumination, roller grip film retainer, an 8’ line cord with 3 prong plug and rocker switch. Our E-”Z” Bar™ is provided for easy wall mounting.
Manufactured from welded steel, the 36 is finished in white baked enamel.
Specifications: Frame: 42” H x 14” W x 3-1/4” D. Approximate shipping weight: 60 lbs.

Trimline Spinal 51

Designed for the 14” x 51” x-ray format, the Trimline Spinal 51 provides 3 bulbs (32 watts each) illumination. The 51 is constructed from welded steel finished in white baked enamel with a plexiglass screen. Our E-”Z” Bar™ is provided for easy wall mounting.
Specifications: Frame: 55-5/8“ H x 14” W x 3-1/4” D Approximate shipping weight: 70 lbs.

The VuPlus Mammography Viewer

The VuPLus is a mammagraphy viewer with all the special features mammography imaging requires.  The viewing area is custom sized to 29 x 48 1/2 cm to minimize light spillover and the unit has two light intensities.
The VuPlus features a white baked on enamel finish, a gravity roller grip film retainer, five fluorescent lamps (3,426 candela per square meter) per viewing area, a rocker switch and an 8' line cord with 3 prong plus.

Podo Lite

The 12 x 24" viewing area makes the Podo Lite perfect for the Podiatrist.
The Podolite can be desk mounted, wall hung or recessed in the wall.  The Podo Lite features welded steel construction, a white baked on enamel finish, Magic Grip film retainer, two fluorescent lamps (20 watts each), a rocker switch and a 6' line cord with 3 prong plug.
Approximate shipping weight: 20 lbs.
Note: For recessed units, order the "Recessing Kit" (below), use dimensions shown on the drawing for wall opening.

As shown in the photo at left, the Podo Lite can be recessed unobtrusively into your office wall.  When ordered as a recessed unit, the Podo Lite is shipped with a "Recessing Kit" frame that installs onto your unit in minutes.

Viewscope 2x - Magnifying Glass

4" Magnifying Glass
This magnifying glass is perfect for close up diagnostic film inspection. Its polished aluminum rim is four inches in diameter, and its four inch handle is tapered black plastic.
Stock Number 21604
5" Magnifying Glass
The five inch diameter allows you to scan film with both eyes simultaneously. The crown glass lens is crystal clear and magnifies 2x (and there's no annoying spot lens).
The 5" magnifier complies with all accepted proceedures for mammography and general use.
Stock Number 21602






Wolf Protective Apparel

For 75 years and counting, we have been the first name in x-ray equipment and supplies, providing the ultimate combination of value and up-to-the-minute technology available to healthcare professionals. This same heritage and commitment to safe and effective healthcare environments is now driving our full line of this Protective Aprons and Apparel.

Off the Rack Apparel

 FeatherLite™ protective apparel with our revolutionary ComfortTech™ Weight Transferal System is one of the industry's broadest range of protective aprons, with just the right style, size, lead equivalency protection and color that you want. Plus you can have your garment embroidered to really make it yours.






Custom Protective Apparel


Because uncomfortable protective wear can be a heavy burden that contributes to fatigue, our exclusive "Tailored by Wolf™" approach ensures your protective apparel fits you and only you... balancing comfort, protection and good looks like none other.  We believe that comfort is as much defined by custom fit as the materials used... providing extraordinary benefits to the healthcare professional, and patients, too

Foot Stool

This Foot Stool is manufactured with a heavy tubular frame, braced for added strength and a non-skid rubber tread top to prevent slipping. Made of steel with an attractive chromium plated finish, our sturdy footstool will give years of reliable service.  (Shown here with our Foot Stool with Handle and Kick Foot Stool - Not Included)
Specifications: 18-1/2” W x 14” D x 8” H
Approximate shipping weight: 8 lbs.

Foot Stool with Handle

The Foot Stool with Handle is the same basic stool as described above. In addition, this unit features a high handle for added patient convenience that can be placed left or right. (Shown here with our Standard Foot Stool and Kick Foot Stool - Not Included)
Specifications: 18-1/2” W x 14” D x 34” H
Approximate shipping weight: 8 lbs.

Kick Stool

The Kick Stool rolls wherever you want it. When you stand on it the hidden rollers retract, providing a stable base. Made of heavy gauge steel, it is finished in black baked enamel, and features rubber treads. (Shown here with our Standard Foot Stool and Foot Stool with Handle - Not Included)
Specifications: 16” Diameter x 16” H. Approximate shipping weight: 9 lbs.

MRI Foot Stool

Our MRI foot stool is constructed of PVC and plastic. The stool features rubber “grip” tips on the legs and top surface to prevent slipping, and the stool’s heavy duty construction assures years of trouble free use. (Shown Here with our MRI Cart - Not Included)
Specifications: 8” H x 12” D x 15-1/2” W. Approximate shipping weight: 10 lbs.

Film Filing Envelopes

Manufactured from extra heavy duty Envelope Kraft, our wide range of Film Filing Envelope sizes feature printed identification Data spaces at both the upper left and right corners. They’re tough enough to withstand use and prevent x-ray curling, yet flexible enough to fit in the typewriter.
500 ct. per box

Mailing Envelopes

Our line of Mailing Envelopes feature individual cardboard stiffeners for film protection, and a flap with a metal clasp. Manufactured from heavy duty Envelope Kraft, Mailer is designed to take fourth-class postage.
100 ct. per box

Sand Bag Set

This 7-bag set provides the variety necessary for proper immobilization of organs or other parts of the body during x-ray procedures. They’re made of washable, durable vinyl, and come with a band for positioning the bags. Note that sandbags are shipped without sand.
The sandbag set includes: two bags 7-1/2” x 7-1/2”, two bags 6” x 17”, two bags 7” x 24”, one bag 11-1/2” x 12” and one band 21“ long x 6-1/2” wide.

Approximate shipping weight: 2 lbs.

Hand-Held Digital Clamshell Densitometer

Become a “speed reader” with this accurate, Clamshell Densitometer. Lift the “shell” and insert film, close the “shell” and press READ button. The measured optical display appears on the 3-digit liquid crystal display. The self-contained light source makes it convenient to use anywhere.
Range: 0.0 to 4.0 OD. Accuracy: ±0.02D.
Reproducibility: = 0.01D. Operating Temperature Range: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C). Aperture: 2mm.
Measuring Length: (Throat); 5.3 inches (135 mm). Display: 3-digit, 5 in. LCD with polarity and
low-battery indicator. Zero Range: Auto zeroes to density 1.00. Sensor: High efficiency silicon
photodiode. (C) Controls: (A) Zero pushbutton automatically (D) zeros unit (B) Power ON/OFF switch.
READ pushbutton-initiates READ sequence. Calibration control - screwdriver adjusted
20-turn potentiometer to calibrate against a known step tablet. Light Source: Special lamp
turned on during measurement, provides long life with minimum intensity degradation. Also
reduces heating to a minimum.
Power: Four 1.5V AA batteries.
Size: 2.4” H. x 3.2” W. x 7.1“ D.
Weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.

Hand-Held Dual-Color Sensitometer

This unit has variable exposure time settings for blue and green-sensitive film. Just raise the platen, insert film, lower platen, push a button, and exposure is made. Features a 21 step density wedge with numbered 0.15D increments.
Specifications: Light Source: Dual-color electro luminescent. Blue 455nm ± 10nm; green 520nm ± 10nm.
Repeatability: ± 0.04D log exposure from unit to unit.
Stability: ± 0.02D log exposure per year at 10°C - 45°C.
Exposure Area: 21 steps, each 5mm x 10mm.
Tablet Densities: 0.05 to 3.05D in 0.15D increments.
Exposure Time: Adjustable, 50-500 ms typical. Exposure Adjustment: Separate screwdriver adjustments = 0.5D on each color. Controls: 1. Push-to-expose button with buzzer monitor and 2-second delay to prevent double exposures. 2. Blue/Green switch. 3. Power switch - none required. Unit draws no power on stand-by.
Power: Two 9V alkaline transistor batteries. MN1604 or equivalent. Optional AC power converter. Size: 7-5/8” L x 5-1/4” W x 3-5/8” H. Weight: 2 lbs.

Light Meter

A great quality assurance aid, this light meter measures the light output of your illuminator, allowing you to make sure you are viewing your radiographs at the ACR recommended light level. The light output appears on the liquid crystal display screen in LUX and foot-candle measurement. The actual sensor has an exclusive photo diode and color correction filter. The pocket sized meter is powered by a 9 Volt battery.

Thickness Caliper

Our aluminum caliper is calibrated in inches and centimeters, the perfect instrument for measuring areas to be x-rayed, our caliper will give you years of accurate use.
Specifications: Approximate shipping 17-1/4” weight: L x 1” W x 10-1/8” D. 1 lbs

The Clear Pb ® Mobile Radiation Shield

The Clear Pb ® Mobile X-Ray Barrier provides a full-body shield for the doctor or R.T. The optically clear, lead-plastic viewing panel provides exceptional visibility and 0.5, 0.8 or 1.0 mm lead equivalent protection. The shatter resistance and durability of Clear-Pb ® ensures long life under heavy use. The Clear Pb ® shield can safely shield one or two persons. The Clear Pb ® window rests on an opaque lower panel, smooth rolling casters allow the barrier to be moved easily. Shipped unassembled, the barrier is simple to put together with just a screwdriver and wrench.
Specifications: 75” H x 30” W x 24” D.
Approximate shipping weight: 113 lbs.

Please specify the lead equivalency desired when ordering.

Adjustable Mobile Shield

Designed to protect the patient against scattered radiation, this Mobile Shield is ideal for chest, skull and spine radiography. The Screen is made of lead vinyl with a .25 mm lead protection and is attractively covered on both sides by easy to maintain vinyl. It is 24” (60cm) wide and is adjustable with a minimum height of 24” (60cm) and a maximum height of 48” (122cm). It’s mounted on an all-welded durable chrome finished frame and rolls easily on 4 conductive casters.
Specifications: 48” H (open) x 30” H (closed). x 26-3/4” W x 18” D (at base).
Approximate shipping weight: 30 lbs.

MRI Cart

The perfect accessory for your MRI suite,This MRI cart is constructed entirely of PVC tubing and plastic. There are no metal parts to interfere with the magnetic field. The 3 level cart holds all your MRI accessories, charts, x-rays, etc. and rolls easily on casters from place to place. (Shown Here with our MRI Foot Stool - Not Included)
Specifications: 24” H x 22” D x 16” W. Approximate shipping weight: 40 lbs.

Film Filing Carts

The ideal accessory for every radiography department! This versatile unit has hundreds of uses: Shuttling films from reading room to file area. Transporting film from processing to reading room; transporting films from one unit to another; handy for hospital rounds. It’s constructed of heavy satin anodized aluminum. Four hooded wheel casters provide total mobility, prevent tipping. Heavy duty wire dividers facilitate filing. Our Film Filing Carts are available in three sizes.
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs each.

File Stack

This ingenious filing system holds more, takes less floor space and grows as your needs grow, providing total economy. File-Stack takes only 19-1/2” x 32” of valuable floor space and stacks as high as you want. Made of sturdy 20-gauge steel, individual units are secured to each other by bolts and total rigidity. Individual File-Stack units are supplied with 3 adjustable dividers which can be placed where you want them for complete versatility of interior arrangement. Paneled doors slide easily at the touch of a finger for ready access. Plastic identification strips clip on easily to hold label inserts. Overall finish is in attractive, easy to clean white baked enamel.

Compression Paddle

Designed for applying compression during G.I. series, our Compression Paddle is ideal for displacing barium, deflecting an intestinal loop, or applying compression for similar reasons. The Paddle features a notched bakelite handle, and rubber compression bladder, easily inflated by means of a built-in Baumanometer bulb. A metal circle in the bladder ring fluoroscopically indicates the area under compression. Wall mounting brackets are included.
Specifications: 25” L x 6-5/8” W x 5/8” Thick. Approximate shipping weight: 1-1/2 lbs.

Barium Paper Cups & Dispenser

Barium Paper Cups
This 14-ounce paper cups feature printed mixing scales, 0 to 14 ounces, 0 to 40 cc’s, on the side. This Barium Paper Cups are packed 100/sleeve, 2500/case.
Approximate shipping weight: 50 lbs.
Cup Dispenser
Our wall mounted barium cup dispenser keeps 100 paper cups neat and sanitary. The stainless steel dispenser measures 3-1/2” x 22-3/4” and comes with brackets and screws for instant installation.
Approximate shipping weight: 1-1/2 lbs.

Barco Image - Tile Digital Viewbox

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Thyroid Collar

Thyroid Collar provides protection to the neck area. The collar is held in place by a Velcro closure. 0.5mm protection.

Protective Eyewear

We offers protection in three formats, combining exceptional shielding values with lightweight comfort and extremely high optical quality. Lenses provide .75 mm lead equivalency and are anti-reflection coated and tempered to meet FDA impact resistance requirements.
(Pictured Top to Bottom) Wrap Around, Clip on, and Standard

Gonad Shield

Specifically to protect the genital area, the gonad shield comes with straps to hold it in place. .5mm lead equivalency protection.

Gonad Shield Set

Gonad Shield Set

Our new set of three (3) gonad shields are .5mm protection. They measure: small 3X5", medium 5X7", and large 7X9". Available in navy blue only.


Designed to shield the pelvic region,This Apronette is supported by a belt and velcro closure, and can be worn front or back

Superflex Protective Gloves

This gloves are a five finger molded lead glove covered in resilient brown Naugahyde. Supple enough to pick up small objects, the Naugahyde resists wear and corrosion. Our gloves can be ordered in 12” or 15” lengths and are available in .5 or .25 lead equivalency protection

Superflex Protective Mittens

These mittens are one finger moulded lead sheathed in brown Naugahyde. Mittens are 15” long, size 9 as standard and are available in .5 lead equivalency protection.


Designed with the busy radiology department in mind, the Deca-rak has 10 pivoted arms that fan out to 180°. It is mounted on locking casters and has a finish of chromium and white. Also available with only 5 arms.
Specifications: 54"H x 54"W x 20"D
Approx. Shipping Weight: 125 lbs


The wall mounted 5 apron storage unit has 5 pivoting apron hangers that fan out 180°. The Penta-Rak holds up to 110 lbs. maximum weight. Specifications: 4- 5/8" H, 17" W*. Approximate shipping weight: 30 lbs. *with center arm at 90° angle from racks, depth is 22”.


Our wall mounted Tri-Rak holds a protective apron and a pair of protective gloves.
Specifications: 16” H x 28” W x 8” D.
Approximate shipping weight: 9 lbs.


The Uni-Hanger allows you to hang any protective apron on a wall hook or in a conventional closet.

Lead Blockers

The half film blockers are designed for making more than one exposure on the same film. Lead Rubber Blockers are made of 1/8” thickness of lead rubber.

Lead Glass

Produced in 1/4” thickness, (the equivalent of 1.5 mm sheet lead.) All sizes are sprayed for added protection. The glass is secured by a 1-piece lead stop on all four sides.


DBeautiful Italian nylon frames with a curved lense in a lightweight 65 gram protective eyeglass. Glasses can be ordered with plain glass, single RX, or bifocal.
Specs: .35mm Pb lead in frame .75mm Pb front lense.

Lite Eyewear

Combining style and comfort our Lite glasses are a lightweight 60 grams. Featuring a polycarbonate wrap around frame they have .75mm Pb front lenses and .35mm Pb frames

Floor Standing Film Bin

This light-proof cabinet is designed for film storage of sizes 5” x 7” to 14” x 17”. It’s hinged at the bottom, providing easy access without bending over. The non-moveable dividers provide an easy filing system. This film bin’s height is ideal for placement under a counter top. An optional switch is available for automatic room light cut-off when the door is opened. Holds 400 pieces of film.
Specifications: 32-7/8” H x 21-1/8” W x 12-7/8” D Approximate shipping weight: 60 lbs.

Table Top Film Bin

Light-proof film storage bins in a table top format, these bins can also be mounted on the side of a desk via 2 keyholes. We deals with 2 sizes: the “standard” (shown) accommodates up to 150 14” x 17” films; the “mammo” (not shown) accommodates up to 150 mammography films. Both feature a closure device that automatically closes the door after films are removed.

Standard: 19” L x 15-1/2” W x 11-1/2” H. Approximate shipping weight: 20 lbs.
Mammo: 13-1/4” L x 12-1/2” W x 10-1/2” H. Approximate shipping weight: 14 lbs.

Econo-Top Film Bin

Econo-Top film bins are perfect film protection for the cost conscious practice. Offered as a plastic option to Our' standard film bins, our Econo-tops provide the same light proof secure storage for your unexposed films.
Item 25130 holds 150 10 x12" films
Item 25131 holds 150 14 x17" films.
Each comes fully assembled and both are light weight for easy shipping and handling.


Designed to provide a concentrated light source. The Intensi-Spot utilizes a 75-watt lamp, shielded by an octagon mask for light concentration.
The Intensi-Spot tilts to any angel and includes foot switch operation. The unit comes in a baked enamel finish, with holes in the base for wall mounting, and a 6' line cord with 3 prong plug.
Specifications: 9” H x 6" D
Approximate shipping 5 lbs



This unique viewing device provides concentrated light like our Intensi-Spot, but eliminates the heat by the use of a fluorescent bulb. Energy efficient, the Cool-Lite can be left on all day.
The Cool-Lite tilts to any angle, has a baked enamel finish, and includes holes in the base for easy wall mounting. The Cool-lite comes with a 6' line cord with a 3 prong plug.
Specifications: 9” H x 6” D
Approximate shipping weight: 5 lbs.

Angular Safelight

The Angular Safelight is ideal where a direct light over the developing tank or loading bench is wanted. Easy to install via 2 keyholes, the Angular Safelights GBX Type filter measures 5” x 7”. The Angular comes complete with a bulb, and a 6’ cord with a three prong plug.
Specifications: 10” H x 7-1/2” W x 5-1/2” D. Approximate shipping weight: 5 lbs.
Optional SENSOR that turns the Safelight on automatically when regular light is shut off. (The unit can still be shut off permanently with the on/off switch).

Swivel Safelight

Perfect for direct spotlighting this wall mounted unit swivels to any position. Easy to install via 2 keyholes, the Swivel Safelight includes a GBX Type filter, light bulb, and a 6’ cord with a three prong plug.
Specifications: 7-1/2” H x 6” W
Approximate shipping weight: 5 lbs.
Optional SENSOR that turns the Safelight on automatically when regular light is shut off. (The unit can still be shut off permanently with the on/off switch).

Circular Safelight

Our economy model screws into any existing wall or ceiling outlet. Made of aluminum filtration is from a GBX type filter.
Specifications: 5-1/4” L weight: x 4-1/8” Diameter
Approximate shipping 5 lbs.

Fluorescent Safelight

The Fluorescent tube safelight is perfect for all darkrooms because it is available with either a green or red filter. The Tube Safelight is shipped complete with installation kit.
Specifications: 24” L x 3” W x 6” H.  Approximate shipping weight: 8 lbs.

In Use" Signs


 “X-Ray In Use” sign is also available with “MRI In Use”, “Darkroom In Use” and “CT In Use” messages. Manufactured of steel and lit by an energy efficient fluorescent bulb, the 12” L x 7” H x 2-1/2“ D box has your message on both sides for hanging projected over the door (or against the wall). The unit comes with pigtails for direct wiring.

Blu-Ray Duplicator

At last a simple, convenient method for exposing duplicating film. Copies conventional, original, digital, and video based images, and comes with an external intensity control for improved copies. For films up to 14-3/4” wide, uses one 15 watt BLB lamp.
Specifications: 7” H x 24-3/16” W x 13-9/16” D.
Approximate shipping weight: 44 lbs.

Film Duplicators

We Deals with three sizes of x-ray duplicators, with screen sizes of 14” x 17”, 10” x 12” and 6” x 12” respectively. Constructed in durable baked enamel, our duplicators can be used with any available duplicating film. To operate the duplicators, simply place the film to be duplicated on the plexiglass screen with a sheet of duplicating film on top, close the cover and set the exposure time. The red light will signal you when exposure is complete. Develop your duplicating film. The 14” x 17” surface of the 21524 accommodates all x-rays up to 14” x 17”. The 10” x 12” surface of the 21522 is perfect for duplicating mammographs and podiatric radiographs, and the 6” x 12” 21520 duplicates any size up to 6” x 12”.

ID Printers

 Auto Printer ” has an adjustable exposure timer. Set the timer, insert ID card and press the exposure plate. Ideal as a testing device for exposure and developing procedures. With the Manual ID Printer , just insert the film and ID card, hold down the exposure plate. Compatible with Kodak and ID cards.
(Printers Shown at Top of Photo)

ID Printer Cards

Standard 3 x 5” Stock are printed with blanks for patient name and address. Personalized Standard 3 x 5” I.D. Cards are the same as above, but with customer imprint (3 line max.). Double Printed Standard 3 x 5” I.D. Cards have identification blocks printed top and bottom standard. Kodak X-omatic System is designed for use with Kodak X-omatic camera.
(ID Printer Cards Shown at Bottom of Photo)


Big Timer features a giant 8” diameter dial that gives you minute and second timing from 1 second to 60 minutes. It automatically shuts-off an enlarger or other electrical appliances, has a clear buzzer signal, and split-second synchronous accuracy. Operates on 110 volts, 60 cycle current. Approximate shipping weight: 6 lbs.
The Electronic Timer is pocket sized: 2-5/16” wide x 2-7/16” high x 1/2” thick. It attaches to anything and includes a spring-loaded clip that converts into a stand, a magnet for metal surfaces, and a hanging hole. Times from 100 minutes down to 1 second with electronic accuracy, and emits a loud electronic tone when timing period is completed. It includes one 1.5 volt button cell battery and a full one year warranty.
Approximate shipping weight: 1 lb.

Dial Thermometer

The Wolf Dial Thermometer features a large legible dial that lets you read temperatures quickly without removing it from the tank. It is calibrated from 30° - 120°F, made of durable stainless steel, and comes with clip for holding it to the side of the tank, and a cork (that slips over the stem) for floating use. Approximate shipping weight: 1 lb.

Glass Thermometer

Our glass thermometer floats in the developing tank. The black top projects out of the liquid making it easy to remove and read (the loop in the top also allows for convenient hanging). Our glass thermometer is calibrated from 20° - 120°F, the perfect developing temperature control instrument for the small, but busy department.
Approximate shipping weight: 1 lb.

Digital Thermometer

Our state of the art Digital Thermometer runs on a standard watch battery (which is included) and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Digital Thermometer registers temperatures from -40° to 300°F as soon as it is placed in the solution and the update button is pressed. (The instrument automatically turns off after use). The temperature is digitally displayed in easy to read letters on a LCD. The 6” stem is easy to clean stainless steel, and the thermometer comes with a convenient, clip-on storage sheath.
Approximate shipping weight: 1 lb.

Deluxe Cassettes

All our cassettes are manufactured for the ultimate in film contact. Dieformed stainless steel frames are handwelded for extra strength and durability. Free-floating stainless steel hinges assure trouble-free, positive closing, everytime.
• Heavy-duty tempered stainless steel crossbars that pivot on a rivet, and friction free nylon washer .
• Floating stainless steel hinges that allow the cover to drop gently into position without marring screens.
• Aluminum lead-lined doors to absorb secondary radiation.
• Aluminum fronts on all 14” x 17” cassettes that allow for normal expansion and contraction, and easy replacement.
• Special non-shedding, oil-free felt for positive light seal and film contact.

Slimline Cassettes

Our Slimline cassettes are easy to open and close, thin for easier storage, and lightweight for easier handling.Our Slimline cassettes can be used with any brand film, screen or grid. Slimlines are available with windows that allow you to read patient ID without separate identification on the outside of the cassette.

Curved Cassette

Ideal for many types of radiograph examinations, including x-raying the humerus and shoulder girdle, and the base of the skull. You can also obtain more clearly defined views of the condyles using this cassette for x-rays of the knee. Positive action latches provide tight locking. Our sturdy curved cassette will give you decades of dependable use.

Screen Cleaner, Tape & Cassette Brush

Screen Cleaner
The ideal cleaning solution for removing dirt, dust and fingerprints, increasing and intensifying screen efficiency, and prolonging screen life. It works as well on cassettes and illuminators, comes in a large economical 12 oz. plastic squeeze bottle.
Screen Tape
Famous 3M Brand Scotch double sided screen tape is the easy way to mount intensifying screens that still allows removal. Comes in a roll 3/4” wide, 36 yards long.
Cassette Brush
Designed specifically for cleaning lint and dust from screens, this high quality camel’s hair brush features 1-1/2” long bristles, 3” wide, firmly embedded in a metal collar attached to the varnished wooden handle.

Standard Cassette Transfer Box

Our Standard Cassette Transfer Box holds 12 cassettes in the exposed section and 12 cassettes in the unexposed section. The Standard features a center handle interlock system that prevents simultaneous opening of doors at the x-ray room and darkroom sides, and 1.5mm lead protection. For maximum space economy it projects only 10” into the darkroom and is almost flush on the x-ray room side. Available in soft gray or stainless steel, it comes with a non-reflective black corrugated rubber interior to cushion the cassettes.
With lead - approximate shipping weight: 180 lbs.
Without lead - approximate shipping weight: 125 lbs.

Heavy Duty Cassette Cart

Designed for rugged use, the heavy duty cassette cart is the perfect addition for the busy radiology department. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, with a tough washable white enamel finish, our heavy duty cassette cart rolls about easily on four sturdy rubber casters that lock in position. The heavy duty model has 3 levels divided into 5 compartments that hold any size cassette from 14” x 17” on down (maximum 125 cassettes).
Specifications: Approximate shipping 50” H x weight: 17” D x 20” W. 100 lbs.

L&R" Marker Clip

Made of stainless steel, the marker clip slips on over the cassette frame, exposes “L” or “R” during patient exposure.

L&R" Markers

These markers not only indicate “L” or “R”, but also provides identification of the plane of incline via lead balls in the center of the letter. Manufactured for years of durable use, these letters have a hole for hanging.

The "L&R Markers" are sold as pairs.

X-ray film

We are trading two speeds of high quality x-ray film.
Tru-Blue Film - A high contrast medium speed blue sensitive film with exceptional latitude and low fog. Speed range: 800 with Rarex BLUE III, 400 with Rarex BG-REGULAR, and 200 with HI-PLUS screens. Packaged 100 per box.
Green Team Film - For high contrast fine grain x-rays. Approximately twice as fast as Tru-Blue Film. All our film may be processed manually or automatically. Packaged 100 per box.

PetDent" Veterinary Dental Film

We are also dealing with dental film specially designed for your four legged patients.
PetDent dental film features wide latitude for excellent image detail, a blue based emulsion for greater clarity and definition, and soft supple vinyl packets that are comfortable to bite on. And our vinyl packets have an extra strong seal to withstand some accidental chewing too!
PetDent Veterinary Dental X-ray Film: D Speed, Size 2, 100 Films per Box, Size 1 1/4"x1 5/8" (31 x 41 mm)
PetDent meets all ANSI Dental Film Specifications.

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